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January's [ profile] promptsformuses character development exercise for Aidan Sullivan, filled out in the third person point of view.

Five things she always does, via promptsformuses
1. Arms herself: Growing up on a border moon comes with its own set of morals and outlook on life. Aidan can't recall a time when staying one step ahead of anyone who might try to best her wasn't imperative and has taken precautions accordingly long before she landed a job in security. She wears a gun at all times (often in plain sight) and usually keeps a knife of some sort as backup just in case she gets disarmed or runs out of ammo in a tight situation.

2. Dyes her hair: This isn't technically an always thing, in that Aidan doesn't mind letting her natural colour grow out from time to time and isn't always on top of replacing the wash-out dyes. However, she prefers the way she looks with red hair. Any shade goes since she can't always afford to snag the one she'd rather have, but more often than not her hair is dyed somewhere in the ginger realm.

3. Wears a necklace: In particular, it's an anti-possession charm worn on a cord of short length. While there may not naturally be demons in her 'verse, the same situation which brought the Winchesters into it does allow for them. Ruby's presence is proof enough that being protected couldn't hurt, but Aidan acquired the charm much earlier. It's as much a functional piece as a sentimental one, especially now that her friendship with Sam has hit a rough patch.

4. Plays mother hen: For someone who never really found the appeal to starting her own family, Aidan certainly knows how to take the motherly role. It isn't uncommon for friends to jokingly call her Mom due to the nearly fussy manner in which she worries over and attempts to protect them. And, with the exception of a few cases in which it would just get extremely awkward, the way she loves her closer friends (and what little family with which she maintains contact) isn't far from a mother's love for her oft-wayward children.

5. Blows (things) up: Whether channeling pent-up aggressions through fighting and destruction or just seeking a bit of excitement, Aidan has a tendency toward explosives. Most often, this manifests in the form of blasting a few targets with her sidearm (or, in more persistent cases, breaking out the large guns) whenever she faces overwhelming stress. Due to her tendency to bottle up the more complicated emotions and frustrations, however, she's no stranger to being the metaphorical explosive herself. In fact, her temper isn't so far from being a lit fuse when it comes to certain topics for which she harbors insecurity or bitterness - especially if she feels her worth has been called into question.

Character Snapshot

age - 26
fandom - Firefly (original character)
canon point - post-movie
game - Underworld Angel (pan-fan psl)
journal - blowitup
portrayed by - Kari Byron
information- basic profile

Player Commentary

Aidan is one of my favourites and perhaps the loudest OC muse I've held in a long while. Even so, it was a touch on the difficult side to figure out which things to use for this list.


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