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§ Identity
» Goes by Sorcha online
» Female
» 22 years old
» Lives in the southern United States
» Part outdoorsy, part geeky
» Never wants to have kids
» Is something between Christian and agnostic
» Has a job at which she's not supposed to be online
» Caffeine addict
» Prone to 'fangirling'
» Usually rather IM-shy (especially with new people)
» Can sometimes be awkward or hyperactive

§ Gaming Basics
» Role player since age 12
» Has played by forum, email, IM, and journal
» Has some experience with tabletop gaming
» Tends to explore characters in great depth
» Writes too much sometimes
» Prefers darker story lines and plots
» Writes nearly all ratings of material
» Strives to keep a firm line between IC and OOC
» Is willing to play with anyone at least once
» Refuses to join games with rules she doesn't like
» Has a fondness for pan-fandom and alternate universe games

§ Gaming Likes
» Psychopaths and crazies
» Anti-heroes
» Moral grey area
» Open threads and plots
» Organic lines
» Threading
» Light-hearted OOC play (in chat/IM)
» Enabling and being enabled ;)
» Reading fluffy pairings
» Writing fluff on occasion
» Action scenes (particularly violent ones)
» Reading and writing long and/or in-depth tags

§ Gaming Dislikes
» Constant one-liners
» Guilt-trips and being pressured into unwanted or uncharacteristic lines
» Major canon slippage
» Writing constantly-fluffy pairings
» Playing children (teens depend on the game)
» IM-based threading
» Having to keep up with other characters' journals

§ Random Facts
» Has eclectic musical taste
» Sometimes writes just for the sake of it
» Started writing fan fiction at age 11
» Grew up with constant exposure to technology
» Loves root beer candy and gummy worms
» Has an interest in and fascination with guns
» Enjoys fiction involving vampires, werewolves, and/or zombies
» Asks too many questions
» Prone to migraines
» Perfectionist
» Has a moody computer with a hard drive eaten by Reavers
» Enjoys making fandom references

While the main CDJ elements are all public and easily available for reference and exploration, I do sometimes make posts protected by custom groups or generic friend locks. This is often a result of not wanting to publicly display unfinished material or perfectionism and insecurity making me prefer to keep certain materials locked to only relevant eyes (such as the other half of a pairing).

I am, however, fairly lax when it comes to adding new friends. This especially applies if we've been playing together (or otherwise having contact through IJ) for a while and communicating out of character to a degree that we've clearly hit it off as friends. So if you want to friend this journal, feel free. Just comment on this entry if you'd like to be added back, as I don't keep track of new additions on my profile.

Also, I never expect comments or attention, so don't worry about that.
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