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These are all of the characters I actively play as well as those I have retired, regardless of permanence. This list includes those with private lines and does not list the exact status, as they're often in flux.

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Since I'm currently battling hard drive issues and don't feel like making images for my other character lists, this will have to do. It's very shiny and awesome, so you should forgive me. (Code's from rp_tutorials.)

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These are the characters I actively play, including the ones who have pending (or unfinished) applications. This list does not include characters who only have private lines.

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This is a collection of the characters I would like to one day play but am not currently involving in a game. Some of them are retired or scrapped while others are just strong muses that I don't yet have a home for. Though I'm not always willing to take on added RP responsibilities, those with a status of homeless are generally ones I would like to play and those with a status of retired are those for whom I've lost the muse and/or those I don't yet wish to drag into play in an alternate game.

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This is an archive of every CDJ-related page in this journal (and relevant auxiliary pages), organized in a manner which seems logical to me. Thus, it likely has no organization whatsoever...

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