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Tired of letting great resources go unused because I didn't feel like picking apart my watch list to figure out which usernames went to what kind of things, I decided to do just that - once. I might have missed a few specifications (such as icon journals which also have graphics), but I tried my best to organize these in a useful manner.

This list contains mostly insanejournal based resources (with a few others tossed in where relevant) and is nowhere near exhaustive even if rather long.

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§ Advertising

» All of 'Em
[ profile] anythingbuthp
[ profile] darkerrpgads
[ profile] fanads
[ profile] fandom_psls
[ profile] musemostwanted
[ profile] pbads
[ profile] wanna_rp
[ profile] find_a_player
[ profile] accessories

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§ Dressing Room Games

» General Rating
[ profile] 6wordstories
[ profile] sceneandsay

» Adult Only
[ profile] sceneandsaysmut
[ profile] smutty6ws

» Fandom-Specific
[ profile] spn6wordstories (Supernatural)

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§ General Resources

» Resource Collectives
[ profile] rp_tutorials (massive collection of resources, tutorials, graphics, and layouts)
[ profile] rpadvice (for seeking and giving advice on rp dilemmas)
[ profile] pb_updates (for finding pbs by name, traits, race, or age)
[ profile] theycouldbe (for pbs who could be relatives)
[ profile] find_a_pb (give or receive help finding pbs to fit certain criteria)
[ profile] oneandonlypb (share and browse suggestions for canon characters' pbs)
[ profile] tradingspaces (trade, sell, or purchase usernames)
[ profile] maxiresources (all sorts of resources, including codes & profile layouts)
[ profile] jailbaiticons (find and share school-aged pbs)
[ profile] insane_layouts (open to layouts as well as tutorials and help requests about them)

» Character Development
[ profile] promptsformuses (in-character writing prompts)
several naming resources, including surnames and name meanings

» Icon Resources
[ profile] find_icons (for when you're having trouble finding icons of a specific pb)
[ profile] pb_updates
[ profile] realbeauty (for average-looking pbs)
[ profile] yalumesse (for Asian pbs)
[ profile] wikicon (for finding icons of specific subjects and pbs)

» Writing Prompts
[ profile] promptsformuses (in-character, for muses only)
[ profile] 10prompts
[ profile] alikelyscenario
[ profile] prompt_100
[ profile] promptsrus
[ profile] replytomymeme (meme style prompts for muses and muns)

» Screencap Sources
[ profile] effortless_kite
[ profile] fandom_caps

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§ Graphics

» Communities
[ profile] abeautifulmind (+icons, layouts)
[ profile] effortless_kite (+icons, layouts)
[ profile] empireants (+icons)
[ profile] fadingicons (+icons)
[ profile] flutterby_icons (+icons)
[ profile] graphix (+icons, layouts)
[ profile] iconographics (+icons)
[ profile] ijelite (+icons, layouts)
[ profile] karakul (+icons)
[ profile] prettylilthings (+icons)
[ profile] rp_tutorials (+rp resources, layouts, tutorials/help)
[ profile] sugardrops (+icons)
[ profile] withkisses (+icons)
[ profile] scotchbonnet (+icons, layouts)

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§ Fandom-Specific

» Dressing Room Games
[ profile] spn6wordstories (Supernatural)

» Fanfic
[ profile] darkfic (dark works, multi-fandom)
[ profile] fic_finder (for those pieces you remember but can't find again)
[ profile] crack_impala (rss feed from livejournal, Supernatural)

» Icons
[ profile] dwicontest (contest comm, Doctor Who)
[ profile] fandom20in20 (challenge comm, multi-fandom)
[ profile] fandom_icons

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§ Icons

» Websites

» Journal Accounts
[ profile] huntandgather
[ profile] peezncarruts
[ profile] eggplants
[ profile] soconvinced
[ profile] wikicon (icon finding resource)
[ profile] devilsnare

» Possibly-Inactive Journal Accounts
[ profile] peepjousting
[ profile] zatgun
[ profile] velociraptor
[ profile] squeezit

» Communities
[ profile] abeautifulmind (+graphics, layouts)
[ profile] andsoisyourface
[ profile] aristocons
[ profile] seraphim_icons
[ profile] brightstars
[ profile] citadel_icons
[ profile] countenance
[ profile] crackifiedicons
[ profile] dazzleme
[ profile] dazzlinggraphix
[ profile] desirables
[ profile] dirtyicons
[ profile] dwicontest (fandom-specific, Doctor Who)
[ profile] effortless_kite (+graphics, layouts)
[ profile] embargo
[ profile] empireants (+graphics)
[ profile] fadingicons (+graphics)
[ profile] fandom20in20 (fandom-specific, multi)
[ profile] fandom_icons (fandom-specific, multi)
[ profile] find_icons (icon finding comm)
[ profile] fitched
[ profile] flavoroflife
[ profile] flutterby_icons (+graphics)
[ profile] fourletterword
[ profile] graphix (+graphics, layouts)
[ profile] haggardassicons
[ profile] icecons
[ profile] icondilemma
[ profile] icondust
[ profile] iconographics (+graphics)
[ profile] iconpop
[ profile] ijelite (+graphics, layouts)
[ profile] instaemo
[ profile] jolisvisages
[ profile] juegoconfuego
[ profile] karakul (+graphics)
[ profile] layered
[ profile] limitbreak
[ profile] lolocon
[ profile] nsfw_icons
[ profile] pb_updates (pb finding resource)
[ profile] pbsbyariel
[ profile] prettylilthings (+graphics)
[ profile] quibblercons (+layouts)
[ profile] realbeauty (resource for average-looking pbs)
[ profile] sinful_pbs
[ profile] sinistericons
[ profile] spaghettimonstr
[ profile] starforge
[ profile] sugardrops (+graphics)
[ profile] syikanaicons
[ profile] theraputicons
[ profile] windowdressing
[ profile] withkisses (+graphics)
[ profile] yalumesse (resource for Asian pbs)
[ profile] yourfacehere
[ profile] yourkisser
[ profile] scotchbonnet (+graphics, layouts)
[ profile] kitty_icons (icons of cats)
[ profile] smbicons
[ profile] facesinthecrowd (has a few harder-to-find pbs)

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§ Layouts

» Journal Accounts
[ profile] layoutsbyirish

» Communities
[ profile] abeautifulmind (+graphics, icons)
[ profile] effortless_kite (+graphics, icons)
[ profile] enigmaleadsigns
[ profile] freelayouts
[ profile] graphix (+graphics, icons)
[ profile] ijelite (+graphics, icons)
[ profile] kerning
[ profile] nameless_layout
[ profile] quibblercons (+icons)
[ profile] rp_tutorials (+rp resources, graphics, tutorials/help)
[ profile] rpglayouts
[ profile] scotchbonnet (+graphics, icons)
[ profile] overridin (+tutorials/help)
[ profile] insane_layouts (+rp resources, tutorials/help)

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§ Tutorials & Help

» Communities
[ profile] rp_tutorials (+rp resources, graphics, layouts)
[ profile] rpadvice (for seeking and giving advice on rp dilemmas)
[ profile] codinghelp (for seeking and giving help with html, css, etc.)
[ profile] iconning (for seeking and giving help with making icons)
[ profile] overridin (S1 override assistance)
[ profile] insane_layouts (for layouts as well as seeking and giving help with them)

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