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Everything you never cared to know about me. )

While the main CDJ elements are all public and easily available for reference and exploration, I do sometimes make posts protected by custom groups or generic friend locks. This is often a result of not wanting to publicly display unfinished material or perfectionism and insecurity making me prefer to keep certain materials locked to only relevant eyes (such as the other half of a pairing).

I am, however, fairly lax when it comes to adding new friends. This especially applies if we've been playing together (or otherwise having contact through IJ) for a while and communicating out of character to a degree that we've clearly hit it off as friends. So if you want to friend this journal, feel free. Just comment on this entry if you'd like to be added back, as I don't keep track of new additions on my profile.

Also, I never expect comments or attention, so don't worry about that.
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January's [ profile] promptsformuses character development exercise for Faye Valentine, filled out in the third person point of view.

Like an angel from the underworld. Or a devil from paradise. )
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January's [ profile] promptsformuses character development exercise for Aidan Sullivan, filled out in the third person point of view.

So we - what - help 'em out by... getting ourselves killed all swift-like? )
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Tired of letting great resources go unused because I didn't feel like picking apart my watch list to figure out which usernames went to what kind of things, I decided to do just that - once. I might have missed a few specifications (such as icon journals which also have graphics), but I tried my best to organize these in a useful manner.

This list contains mostly insanejournal based resources (with a few others tossed in where relevant) and is nowhere near exhaustive even if rather long.

All at once, I found myself placed within a circle and told to memorize all I saw tonight... )
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My CDJ has been a work in progress for well over a year now because I want far too many things that I just don't have the time or patience to add. Hopefully I can fix that sometime in the near future by either consolidating some of the billions (yes, exaggeration is fun) of pages I planned to make or scratching out the unnecessary stuff entirely. Or I'll just continue to let it be a work in progress and lose interest in rushing through the process somewhere along the way.

Yeah, probably that.

Additionally, I'm in the process of migrating all the personal entries over to my dreamwidth and erasing them from my CDJ. After much consideration, I just don't like the clutter of mixing personal entries with character development entries - especially when the former are usually friend-locked anyhow.
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Just some emoticon resources I came across when looking for small Doctor Who things to use as bullets. This is mostly for my own reference, but I'm leaving it public in case someone stumbles across and has some use for these. (C'mon, who doesn't want a little K-9?!)

TARDIS emoticon
Doctor Who emoticons
Dalek emoticons (mood theme potential)
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