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January's [ profile] promptsformuses character development exercise for Faye Valentine, filled out in the third person point of view.

Five people she always thinks of, via promptsformuses
1. Herself: First and foremost, Faye looks out for number one. She very rarely goes into a situation without approaching it from the most beneficial angle and caters to her own whims more often than stopping to consider the effect her actions have on others. Faye is a thief and a con artist... and sometimes even robs herself of potential friends or lovers just for the sake of self preservation.

2. Spike Spiegel: She loves him, and she hates him for it. The Spike Faye knew was a different man, an older one, than the syndicate enforcer drawn into this strange, new universe with her. It's as if they're strangers, and that only makes it so much worse. After so long fighting to regain a grip on her sanity after Spike's passing - damn near suicide, if you ask her - all the effort seems to be in vain. Sometimes Faye catches herself thinking about 'her' Spike, pondering if he might one day fall from the heavens and into the alternate dimension she now calls home. Even worse: she often feels as if she's caught in a dream world lately, which brings unwelcome and painful parallels to mind.

3. Radical Edward: Whenever she thinks of the kid, her thoughts are of sadness, loss, and regret. It seems Ed frequents her thoughts on the particularly bad days, leaving Faye wondering if perhaps things could have been different if only she reached out to the girl. If she hadn't been so stupid about avoiding the remnants of a past life, could she have saved the only tangible piece of her disbanded 'family' unit from being taken away?

4. The Doctor: Amy and Rose spoke so fondly - and in such great detail - of the mad man with a box who whisked people away into time and space. Faye doubts she'll ever have the excuse (truthfully: the courage) to seek him out in either regeneration, but just knowing he's dropped in at all gives her a little shred of hope. When she thinks of the Doctor, she thinks not of a specific man but of a grand dream in which she can run as far and as fast as she wants, through time and space and everything in between, without the anchors of regret or loss. He is, in short, the personification of her hope.

5. James T. Kirk: In a sense, Jim is the more tangible and less fatherly version of Jet in that he complained about her yet still offered shelter and a place to (attempt to) belong. She would be lying to claim her thoughts don't sometimes err on the naughty side - be that in the sexual or the 'rob him blind and make a mad dash for the exit... again' sense - but he's more than that to her. He's the friend she didn't let herself have, the person who might just relate if she only gave him a chance. And the convenient scapegoat, when she's in a less pleasant mood.

Character Snapshot

age - 24
fandom - Cowboy Bebop
canon point - post-series
game - Underworld Angel (pan-fan psl)
journal - poker_alice
portrayed by - Stoya
information- basic profile

Player Commentary

I'm not sure whether to be proud of Faye for the fourth one or ashamed of her for the first. Either way, this was surprisingly easy to finish and offered a bit of insight I hadn't expected. I love it when that happens. xD


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code - rp_tutorials
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